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Restructuring a home to sell it more easily and with greater profit

Restructuring home for the purpose of resale can be the most profitable job or, conversely, if you do not know how to do it, the most useless and senseless shopping you've decided to do.


For us, renovating a house is a well-known activity and never an expense that is an end in itself: a return on investment on initial expenses must be realized.

Discover my renovations and rely on my advice to turn the renovation of your home into a business, not just a shopping item.


What jobs do I have to do? Which company do I entrust to? Do I need an architect? How much do I have to spend? Which finishes do I choose? How long will it take? What unexpected costs do I meet?
The only answer to all these questions is based on the knowledge that IMMOBILIARE SARA Srl has of the market request to know if and how it is worthwhile to act and advise you best.

Would you like to have a single contact person,
knowledge of all costs (even before starting work),
zero surprises and zero thoughts, a continuous and constant updating,
your turnkey renovation?

Buy and redesign your property immediately!

Two-room apartment in the institutes area - Padua

NEGATIVE POINTS: long and narrow living room, original kitchenette 1.20 m, long and narrow room (width 1.80 m, small blind bathroom with open shower and above the toilet).

POSITIVE POINTS: second floor on 3 with elevator, view on the main street and on the monument, reserved (no other building overlooks and sees inside), separate entrance with two steps from the living area, possibility of obtaining a closet to use as a storage room in the hallway , small but regular shaped bathroom, possibility to expand the cooking area with furniture, uncovered parking space in the inner courtyard.

Difficulties met and resolved with obvious improvement advantages:

  • more functional organization of the bathroom;
  • definition of a specific target choosing to allocate it to a single person (with a square bed and a half) as the main inhabitant and sofa bed (always square and a half) in the living area for any guest;
  • choice of positioning the washing machine inside the kitchen to reduce the perception of noise from the bedroom;
  • proposed in the condominium assembly of the reconstruction of the square that at the time of purchase was completely uneven

Two-room apartment in the institutes area - Padua

NEGATIVE POINTS: very small entrance, blind bathroom with very small shower, very small living room, regular but very small room.

POSITIVE POINTS: third and last floor with elevator, overlooking the green, small but square rooms, narrow and long bathroom but that allows you to install all the sanitary.

Difficulties met and resolved with obvious improvement advantages:

  • choice of eliminating the partition wall between the entrance is the living room cooking opting for an open environment;
  • to maintain an entrance area anyway by working on the ceiling lighting along the perimeter of the original entrance;
  • widen the shower to install a shower tray and shower more comfortable than the open shower niche;
  • move the sight boiler into the bathroom inside the kitchen (foldaway);
  • place a sofa bed for guests in the small living room
  • rearrange the furniture to allow us to have a double bed (L. 1.40) and study it in order to have more space available.

Two-room flat in Largo Europa - Padova

NEGATIVE POINTS: the in-door kitchenette separated from the main dark room gave a feeling of closure, the blind bathroom without a washing machine and with a bathtub that was not so much requested, the main compartment was too similar to a room, perception: lack of a well-defined dining room , more like a hotel room.

POSITIVE POINTS: third floor with elevator, overlooking the most requested of the building (overlooking the square).

Difficulties met and resolved with obvious improvement advantages:

  • opt for a totally open environment, even with the risk of not meeting the tastes of those who prefer the kitchenette is separate;
  • eliminating the cupboard that served as a partition between the cooking area and the main compartment;
  • furnish the main room as a living room / study-lounge having to be able to receive without giving the impression of being in a hotel room replacing the bed with a sofa bed that can be extended and transformed into a bed and replacing the opening table with a more modern and original snack table that allows you to enjoy the beautiful view, both during business meetings and for a candlelit dinner.

Office in the eremitani area - Padova

NEGATIVE POINTS: very large rooms, spaces exploited badly, impossible to use as an office because not wired and not conditioned, a very noisy room as it overlooks the Riviera dei Ponti Romani.

POSITIVE POINTS: first floor with elevator, building of a few units, possibility of obtaining two units, possibility of separation from the condominial heating system.

Difficulties met and resolved with obvious improvement advantages:

  • division into two units with private entrance, keeping the external door on the landing to be able to return to use the entire unit by a single occupant at a later time;
  • derive two services to obtain two independent units inside them, moving the access door of the original service and enlarging a small closet to obtain the second service;
  • ask and obtain the separation from the condominium heating system, thus obtaining a savings of about 60% on condominium expenses;
  • install high efficiency autonomous heating and air conditioning systems in class A ++;
  • replacement of original windows with new PVC, improving the energy efficiency of the building and reducing the transmission of road noise